CONFORMALCOOL TECHNOLOGY manages conformally cooled die features

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Die-Pro’s systems were designed by die casters for die casters. We offer flexibility in design to meet your plant’s specific needs. Our systems include 4-6 discreet zones providing multiple water circuits per zone and provides control of 3D Additive Manufactured cores via our ConformalCool system.

If your plant suffers from cooling water issues like hard and low water volume, our unique UltraPure water technology reduces your TDS and provides its own uninterrupted water supply to insure volume and pressure are consistently maintained.

Our systems are warranted for one year against workmanship failures.

corecool+CONFORMALCOOL provides solutions for:

Porosity –  This is found when there are small voids, holes, or pockets of air that are found within the metal.

Shrinkage – Caused by different solidification rates within the casting. 

Soldering – Soldering occurs during die casting process when molten aluminum “welds” to the die surface, resulting in damage to the die and in poor surface quality of the casting.

Leakers – Any area in the casting that has a poorly fused microstructure and won’t hold pressure. 

CoreCool addresses all of these defects by precise internal cooling of cores and other die features. This can result in a more densely fused microstructure in those areas. CoreCool extends the life of these die features and reduces die maintenance. 


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In today’s manufacturing environment with uncertain supply chain issues, we use our knowledge and connections in the industry to provide redundancy by using American-made parts.

This provides versatile solutions when things change and allows us to continue innovations to continuously explore ways to improve our products, as well as maintain the serviceability of the parts we have in our partner’s facilities.

We are proud supporters of the American manufacturing community and are always looking for new partners and equipment to move the die casting industry forward.