Die Pro develops custom products that work with all die casting processes.

FOUNDED IN 2010 – Built For Die Casters, By Die Casters.

die pro difference


Our parts are American made, which keeps our machines in production, even when times change. 


Over the years, we have built a large network of die casting suppliers in order to make sure your machines stay running. If one supplier goes down, our network is able to provide a replacement.


Whether a specific part is giving you trouble, you are developing a new die, or your  process water throughout your plant needs testing, we are here to help. We are capable of conducting on-site evaluations that give us precise information in order to solve your problems as soon as possible.


At Die Pro, die casting is our business. Our team has knowledge that spans from the factory floor to the top floor and are able to access and assess files from the programs you use on the daily. Let us put our knowledge and our network to work for you.

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