Our Process

Our goal when we began was to build a bridge internally with knowledge from the process, maintenance, quality, and tool room engineers. We create synergy  by utilizing the entire team together to create the process. Over the years, we took knowledge from mentors, and created a team process to find solutions to these problems. 

Being on the cutting edge is crucial in the world of aluminum diecasting. At Die Pro, our innovation and creativity allow us to stay ahead of the competition. Give us a shout and put our expertise to work for you on new or existing projects.

Delivering Better Die Casting with our Custom Temperature Control


Our team started in die casting maintenance and has grown to provide heating and cooling technology to over 75% of the DIE CAST industry. Our knowledge is based on over 15 years of machining experience and over 10 years in die-cast management. After improving the success rate of our first project from a scrap rate of 60% to 1.8%, we knew we were on the right path.

Not only do we know aluminum die casting, but our systems have expanded and become versatile enough to be utilized in plastic injection molding as well as magnesium die casting. Our FAILSAFE AWARENESS allows process monitoring and component integrity to make sure everything is running within process limits. 


We are capable of helping with tooling design or creating a unique core pin to give your product more longevity and better consistency, we are here to help. Let us know about your project and our team will set up a free consultation.

Our Tooling

Heat TreatmentAnnealing

Developing knowledge in the real world has made this company what it is today.


Premium H13 Steel Blanks

Rough Machining

Heat Treatment /Annealing

Surface Treatment/Coating & Polishing

Via Ultrasonic Concentricity


  • OUR PRODUCT’S Imported Material Flexibility can decrease costs as much as 10x.

  • Our CoreCool products allow for the use of Premium H13 base materials in most die applications.

  • Improve the integrity of your product with a stronger microstructure.


made in the u.s.a.Located in the heart of America’s manufacturing community, our Wisconsin-made products allow for quick turnarounds and reliability on our products.