What We Do

Our products work with all die casting processes and machines.


Our system has you covered. Die Pro units include FAILSAFE measures that allow factory managers to not worry and sleep well knowing that any potential thermal regulation problems are being monitored. Our engineers are available to provide any additional custom programming and are here to assist on any alternate processes that need to be addressed. Learn more.


Cycle time reductions – Our Core Cool systems allow for quicker solidification rates, less die spray times, require less die maintenance, and extend the life of your components leading to a better bottom line. 


Need us to evaluate your facility to determine where to best implement our products? Schedule a time, and we will send an expert on sight, where to adapt our products in order your organization to be more profitable and produce better parts.


We are capable of helping with tooling design or creating a unique core pin to give your product more longevity and better consistency, we are here to help. Let us know about your project and our team will set up a free consultation.


Keeping your machines running, while turning out higher quality parts is our goal here at Die Pro. Honesty and Integrity are at our core and we pride ourselves on being a personal business even while having reach across the country. All projects start with a free system analysis. 


We are there throughout the process and are here to help design access for our tools in your dies. This includes an onsite analysis, assessment, and process control development.