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Water Flow Case Study

Customer with wide surface temperature fluctuation.

i. flow case study – analysis

temperature Fluctuation

Services offered to customer to analyze temperature fluctuation:

  • Wireless remote flow and temperature monitoring of individual cooling circuits.
  • Thermal imaging
  • Die thermal analysis
  • Part defect analysis

Analysis results

  • Inadequate water supply to die circuits.
  • Improperly designed distribution manifolds and water channels to jet cooling circuits. 

II. flow case study – implementation

Corrective Action Implemented

  • Designed new jet cooling distribution manifolds and grouped critical cooling circuits together to be run on the CoreCool system.
  • Installed closed-loop CoreCool 3.3.30 system to die and jet cooling circuits to CONTROL the following:
        • Process control of pressure, temperature and flow deltas.
        • Independent 4 zone cooling to maintain control cooling groups separately.

flow case study – BENEFITS GAINED

Cycle Time Reduced

Solidification reduction resulting in an Increased productivity output

spray time & spray amount reduced

Proper Internal cooling resulting in a decreased need for external spray cooling.

thermal shock reductions

Temperature delta differential minimized by Corecool monitoring flow and temperature of cooling channel water.

casting quality improvements

Even solidification rates reducing/eliminating shrink porosity and producing a casting with higher tensile strengths.