die pro difference

HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM core pins – designed and manufactured to the highest quality DIE CASTING standards 

Die Pro Standards

We use the following materials and specifications when manufacturing our core pins.

• Daido DHA-1 Premium H13(Superior) 

• Pin: 46-48 Hrc (Jet Cooled & Solid) 

• Head: 30-35 Hrc annealed 

• Pin Tolerance: +.0003”/-.0006” 

• Radius under the head: .030”-.035” 

• Jet Cooled hole concentric to within .012” 

• Jet Cooled hole to have minimum .060” wall unless lesser amount specified 

• Jet Cooled hole to have full radius at bottom 

All heat treating will be placed with certified steel suppliers thus assuring proper heat treatment for the material supplied. 

Heat Treatment Services Available: 

• Vacuum quenching, tempering 

• Conventional quenching, tempering 

• Normalizing 

• Stress relief treatment 

• Annealing 

aquasonic concentricity

all of our DIE CASTING  components are tested to ensure maximum performance.